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About Libby


Libby has over 20 years experience in the jewelry and accessories industry servicing businesses both large and small.  Having grown up and still residing in the Midwest, she knows the importance of quality vs. price.  She has always had a flair for good, solid design and when she needed a business focus, she turned to her faith in God for guidance, which brought her to her working class roots.  


Long before Made in USA and Fair Trade became a niche, she saw the need to begin promoting manufacturing that was for the greater good for both the artisans and the businesses she sold to.  So she began, and continues, her quest for finding those who share her ideals for commitment to artisans and design, incredible work ethics as well as providing excellent customer service.  Bringing joy into the lives of the artisans and to the buyers who have come to know them has brought her many years of happiness and fulfillment.


She has raised 2 beautiful daughters with her husband of over 40 years and cherishes the time she has with them and her amazing grandson.  


Her passion for fun, fashion, love, and good health has given her proven success in business and in life. 

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